U.S. Immigration

We handle all types of family-immigration matters, including applications for visas, green cards, and citizenship. We can help you:

  • Bring a close relative, spouse, fiancée or fiancé to live legally in the United States through a petition for alien relative, petition for alien fiancé or other petitions
  • Overcome issues that would make you inadmissible for residency in the United States through I-601 hardship waivers
  • Defend against deportation or removal proceedings
  • Deal with many other immigration matters for legal and illegal aliens
Our experienced immigration attorney can assist you from the start of your immigration case so that you can relax knowing your case is in knowledgeable hands. We can assist you if you have begun the process on your own and would like us to take over the process.

When we accept your case, we will handle all aspects of your immigration matter. We will complete all of the complicated paperwork and will represent you at all hearings and any other proceedings.