Evangelist-Missionary Visa

R-1 religious worker visa

Members of the clergy and people who work for legitimate religious organizations may apply for the R-1 Religious Worker visa. An applicant may be a minister, a person working in a professional capacity in a religious occupation, or an employee of the religious organization.

In order to qualify for a R-1 Religious Worker visa, you must:

  • Document the tax-exempt status of the legitimate religious organization in the United States.
  • Demonstrate that the religious organization to which you belong and the religious organization for which you wish to work in the United States are part of the same religious denomination.
  • Prove that you have belonged for at least two years to that religious organization.
  • Show that you have a job offer from an affiliate of that religious organization in the United States.
Visas may be issued to accompanying relatives of R-2 religious worker visa holders. Accompanying relatives may stay in the United States but are not eligible to work there.