Investor Visas

Visas for investors in U.S. businesses

Investors, traders and their employees may apply for visas to do business in the United States, so long as their country of origin has an investor treaty (an agreement that provides for reciprocal investments) with the United States.

In order to qualify for an E-2 investor visa you must:

  • Show that you will “develop and direct” the U.S.-based business. You may demonstrate ownership of at least 50% of the company, or show that you are a key employee of the company.
  • Prove your intention to make a “substantial cash investment” in the U.S.-based business. For most countries, this is usually at least $100,000.
  • Be investing in a U.S.-based company that is already operating, and is profitable enough to provide jobs for United States workers.
  • Intend to leave the United States after your business there is completed.
An applicant for an extension to his or her E-2 investor visa must file in person and prove that they have, at all times throughout the duration of their stay in the United States, observed the conditions and restrictions of their visa.

E-2 visas may be issued to accompanying relatives of investors. Accompanying relatives may stay in the United States but are not eligible to work there.